Exhibition Trailers

We have worked with a number of galleries to create exhibition trailers. Animation can help bring life to old classics, which enables content to be made that is in line with what modern audiences are interested in.

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Explainer Videos

Very much our bread and butter. 60 to 90 seconds to explain a concept. We write the script. Create a visual style to fit the project. And then animate.

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Social Media Content

A short 15 second story. If you want to share a message online, animation is a fantastic way to add a touch of class.

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Animated Cards

Our animated cards are an eco-friendly way of saying Merry Christmas.

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Animated Documentary

A growing trend in documentary involves animating on top of audio, which opens all sorts of storytelling possibilities.

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Visual Essays

Learning online is a major feature of the digital revolution. We create animated essays that are around 3-5 minutes in length.

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Everyone loves gifs. They are everywhere. They are brilliant at making a simple concept easier to remember.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality involves bringing physical objects to life through the use of animation. In 2022 we hosted our first AR exhibition.

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Brand Identities

Animation is used regularly in design. A flourish to respond to an action in an app. Or visual supports to key messages online.

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